A Checkers Strategy for every Board Situation

Though a checkers board has limited number of squares for our pieces to move on, we may find ourselves in a lot of different situations. Each situation in the game requires a specific strategy. Thus, we have to be familiar with the different play scenario and the different checkers strategies applicable.

First of all we have to examine the checkers board itself. What ready provisions are there on the board that we may use to augment our play strategies? We have to know the various tactics possible with every move in the game plus the relevant rules we can take advantage of. Strategies are basically patterned after the rules of the game, and checkers is not exempt from this.

We can form strategies from the fact that ordinary pieces are not allowed to move backward in retreat. The fact also that checkers are required to capture enemy pieces possible for capturing called forced capture can be built a strategy on. These are important strategies because movements and captures are a regular thing in a game of checkers.

Checkers strategies are also needed in facilitating the accomplishment of a major goal in the game elimination of enemy pieces. If we rely merely on regular capturing methods it would take as longer to carry out this mission. We have to use strategies that expedite the obliteration of enemy pieces like double and multiple captures. These are radical moves that capture several pieces in a single turn, saving time and inflicting untold damage against the enemy camp.

Another main goal in the game is crowning. It is when pieces reach the last row inside the enemy's camp. On reaching this destination they are crowned and given tremendous powers for decimating enemy pieces further. The more crowned pieces the better. Thus, it would be safe to assume that all strategies for moves and capturing are geared towards the production of more crowned pieces.

Because few pieces actually make it to crowning we should put more emphasis on specific situational strategies for ensuring that at least a number of pieces are crowned. Basically, these are strategies we need to do when our few pieces are being pursued, when the enemy has a crowned piece and we have none, how to delay or foil the enemy's crowning chances, and the like.

We have to develop checkers strategies among other strategies like blackjack and texas holdem, right in the middle of a game by improvising from basic ones. This is how we have a strategy for every situation.