Checkers Sacrifice and Escape Strategy

Checkers involves a lot of hounding, like the unending chase of a cat and mouse. A lot of times we will find ourselves fleeing from an unrelenting onslaught of the enemy. We should study some escape tactics to get away from the enemy in times of weakness. In extreme moments we should use a sacrifice as a checkers escape strategy.

When we are running away from the power of the enemy and capture is imminent we should divert attention. The diversion should be very forceful as to stop the pursuit of the enemy. And what better diversion is there than one enforced by a checkers rule.

Thus, for instance, we have a piece we are urgently pushing forward to be crowned. But the enemy is pursuing it relentlessly. To stop the opponent temporarily we sacrifice another piece which the opponent is required to capture. And we must make sure that the capturing piece used is the pursuing piece. The effect is two-fold: our piece hurrying up to be crowned is freed from being pursued and the enemy piece pursuing is diverted far away.

However, if another enemy piece is available to respond to our offer of forced capture, the purpose is defeated and we lose a piece. Worse of all our piece we hope to crown gets overtaken and captured in the end. Hence, before we resort to a sacrifice for a checkers escape strategy we should make sure that the capturing piece will also be the pursuing piece.

Another use of a sacrifice is as a triggering mechanism for a trap. The trap often gives way to double or multiple captures against the enemy. Or, we may use a sacrifice to gain better positioning, like taking a corner or a side square. But the usual and the most important use is for an escape. Compared to mere double or multiple captures, an escape has a higher strategy value. This is because the escaped piece converts into a crowned piece.

Sometimes we have to employ a series of sacrifices just to have a piece escape and turn into a crowned piece. If there are 2 enemy pieces to stop our 3 advancing pieces from crowning, we have to stop them by sacrificing 2 pieces in an exchange of captures to let the one survivor escape and make it to crowning.

An effective checkers escape strategy should be done through the help of a forced capture rule and a sacrifice. This frees the crowning piece.

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