Exploiting the Forced Capture Policy

Capturing is central to a game of checkers. We have to capture as many enemy pieces as possible. Thus, we have to build the best capture strategy in a game. The best way is to examine the forced capture ruling and exploit it in our favor.

The forced capture ruling means when a capture opportunity exists on our turn we have no choice but to use it, regardless of whether it jeopardizes our play or not. Thus, if we see that capturing a piece will just make things worse for us, we have no option but to do it. But we can use this ruling to our benefit by strategy. We prepare traps that the enemy will be obliged to fall into due to the rule and which will make us ahead of the enemy in the end.

The forced capture strategy makes us sacrifice some pieces initially but we make up for the loss in terms of gaining a more strategic position, more captured pieces than the enemy has, or a crowned piece. When we benefit from a forced capture strategy we also often gain more distance traveled, especially when we pull a double or multiple captures in a single turn.

The best capture strategy is one that is supported by at least an ally piece. The ally should be right at the rear of the scheming piece ready to counter the enemy piece that captures the first piece. Their basic arrangement is for them to occupy adjoining diagonal squares.

If we couple this with the ability to assess a checkers situation—and see possibilities for double or multiple captures—we at once position two of our pieces this way. When the right moment comes—when an enemy is within the effective range of a forced capture—we offer the first piece, the bait, while the rear piece waits in ambush.

Of course, the enemy has no choice but to bite our bait, whether or not the enemy sees our intent. After the enemy does, our second piece counter captures the capturing enemy piece and gets a better position. If we're talking of landing on a square along the last row, then we crown the last piece faster through this technique. We should always be aware of the possibility of double or multiple captures.

We should optimize the use of the capture ruling, especially the forced capture rule, for the best capture strategy. We can beat other players easier and attain our goal faster.

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