Getting More Pieces Crowned

The crowning strategy is probably the most important in checkers. It triples our capturing ability tremendously. It would be wise then to strategize to have more pieces crowned in the game.

The correct aim of every strategy in a checkers game is to crown more pieces. Any strategy used prior to crowning that does not connect with it is a useless strategy.

Crowning happens during the near-end of the game when checker pieces have been mostly reduced. Before this, we have employed capturing techniques like double-capturing and forced capturing to reduce the number of enemy pieces. Doing so means we sacrifice a lot of our pieces. This is where we should balance our capturing strategy with our strategy to have as many pieces crowned as possible.

Lots of times, many players just capture for the sake of capturing, without considering having enough pieces left for crowning. In the cruel exchange of captures they ignore the dwindled number of pieces left in their camp for crowning. This defeats the purpose of why we move pieces forward to enemy territory it's not to sacrifice pieces but to preserve them for crowning.

If we're not careful about sacrificing pieces we may end up with a mere single piece, if any, for crowning.

A single crowned piece would not do much against 2 or 3 crowned enemy pieces. A good player would have a disciplined exchange of captures while keeping in reserve a handful of pieces for crowning. Never mind just capturing a few pieces initially the goal is to have more crowned pieces.

Good players can successfully convert 2 or 3 pieces in the end. The key here is to conserve as many pieces as possible. When we have crowned many pieces then the real "massacre" can start.

But how about the forced capture ruling? How can we avoid that to protect our pieces? We may block an anticipated offer of the enemy for a forced capture. Before an enemy piece can occupy the square directly in front our piece we can occupy that free square using another nearby piece, blocking the planned offer effectively.

By blocking as many attempted offers of forced capture as possible we preserve more pieces for crowning. We bite into safe instances of capturing only. This takes a lot of discipline and skill to successfully execute.

A crowning strategy should be considered more than any other strategy. It triples our speed and ability to capture more enemy pieces and secure a win at checkers.

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