The Checkers Board Strategy

Before we attempt to study other checkers strategy we should take a look at the simple tactics available on the board itself. We should know the board well and use it against the enemy and for our benefit. These are not advanced tactics but they are fundamental.

First, we should know the areas of a checkers board. We can better strategize and mobilize our entire force if we are aware of how the board can be divided mentally. This way we become systematic in our approach.

Remember, the main goal is simply to capture more enemy pieces and have less of our pieces captured. This means we have to save on pieces. Where can we store them safely on the board?

We divide the board lengthwise into three main areas. These are the two sides and the center. Translated into number of squares, the left side has 2 columns of squares, the center has 4 columns of squares, and the right side has 2 columns of squares.

In the initial formation, this means 3 pieces are too be assigned to the left side, 6 pieces in the center, and 3 to the right side. So basically, we keep 3 pieces each to the sides for safekeeping.

The side squares are the safest places on the board though not that safe, really. The 6 central pieces are for reinforcing the side defenses or for central attacks against the enemy.

This checkers strategy aims to save at least 6 pieces for the latter phase of the game when reaching the last row inside enemy territory is crucial. We may add pieces to the sides if possible, especially when we have won in the exchanges of captures at the center. This is the ideal scenario. In reality, only 1 to 2 pieces survive the brutal exchange and make it to being crowned.

Also, be aware of the crosswise division of the board. Since there are 8 rows we can divide the board into the first 4 rows and then the second 4 rows.

The first rows are our territory area. The goal is to get as many pieces across it to enemy territory. If at mid-play we still have some pieces on our first row it would be hard for them to race across the "border" with crowned enemy pieces around.

Thus, the board should be studied well. We should develop a checkers strategy with the areas of the board in mind. It's the terrain where we mobilize our troops.

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