1. Blocking as a Strategy to Frustrate - A blocking strategy is vital for a strong defense in checkers. We can effectively foil the enemy's plan if we seriously consider a blocking strategy.
  2. Checkers Sacrifice and Escape Strategy - An effective checkers escape strategy needs a forced capture ruling. A sacrificial piece is needed as well in a checkers escape strategy.
  3. Exploiting the Forced Capture Policy - We should exploit a forced capture to formulate the best capture strategy. If we are to capture enemy pieces it should be the best capture strategy.
  4. Getting More Pieces Crowned - The crowning strategy should be given more weight in the game. Odds are increased dramatically and goals are reached faster with a crowning strategy.
  5. Reading a Capturing Exchange - It's vital to see how we would benefit from an exchange of captures. Hence, reading the opponent is a must to win in an exchange of captures.
  6. The Checkers Board Strategy - When divising a checkers strategy we have to consider first the board. It can help us lots in developing a powerful winning checkers strategy.
  7. The Deadly Double Captures Strategy - A double-capture tactic serves us in many ways. It is vital to learn to use a double-capture tactic to gain more winning odds in a checkers game.
  8. The Double-Ended Trapping Trio Trick - A double-capture strategy with a double-ended sting should always be considered. This type of a double-capture strategy helps us lead in the game.
  9. The Side Route Strategy - A good crowning strategy is to take pieces through the side squares. This is the safest route to take our pieces through as a crowning strategy.
  10. The Strategic Corner Squares Tactic - A strategic position in checkers is on a true corner of the board. This strategic position in checkers lends us control of the longest diagonal line.
  11. The Strategy on Redirecting the Enemy - A checkers strategy that delays the enemy is very helpful to us. Redirecting the enemy through a diversionary tactic is a good checkers strategy.
  12. The Tandem Defense-Offense Tactic - A tandem strategy in checkers should be readily employed. When we see a threat we should be able to shift to a tandem strategy in checkers quickly.
  13. Using a Trapping Pair and Forced Capture - A forced capture strategy works well with a trapping pair. We give the enemy costly surprises now and then with a forced capture strategy.
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